Boat Smart. It’s Our Nature

Welcome to the wonderful waters of Reel Florida™! Our mission is simple: to raise awareness for our pledge to protect the valuable and sensitive marine life and habitats of Mosquito Lagoon. With the help of our blossoming community and ongoing mission to promote smart boating through voluntary environmentally-responsible boating practices, we hope to spread our message throughout Central Florida and beyond!

How Can I Start to Boat Smart?

Saving Mosquito Lagoon and its neighboring waterways may seem like a job for a superhero, but (other than the cape and mask) you can be the boater that Mosquito Lagoon deserves! As part of this caring community, we encourage all boaters to not only sign our pledge but live it. By simply steering clear of the lagoon’s vital sea grasses and oyster reefs, slowing down near erosion-prone shorelines and no wake zones, and encouraging others to boat responsibly, you are doing your part to keep Mosquito Lagoon a lush local treasure for years to come.

Reel Florida™ is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Florida Sea Grant with the support of the University of Central Florida and our many gracious sponsors and contributors.