It’s Our Nature

Known for its scenic beauty, unique biodiversity, and fishing opportunities, Mosquito Lagoon is situated just north of Cape Canaveral in central Florida. The Lagoon’s oyster reefs, sea grasses, mangroves, and marsh cord grass are crucial to the health of the Lagoon and have very real and local economic impacts. All facets of this truly unique marine habitat work together to provide nurseries for a multitude of species, as well as a vital, natural water filter.

Unfortunately, the Lagoon’s popular recreational power boating has led to the damage and recession of this fragile aquatic ecosystem. Navigating too close to the shoreline can scar and uproot seagrasses, often taking years to regrow. Powerboats can also hit submerged oyster reefs and dislodge oysters with their wakes. These wakes have also been linked to shoreline erosion, which can be detrimental to mangroves and marsh cordgrass.

This is why our community’s pledge to boat smart is so important. Through more conscious and careful waterway navigation, see what creatures and habitats you can help preserve while enjoying the beauty of Mosquito Lagoon.